This is a movie review site, among many like it. Since I am what makes this site different, I am what this introduction will be about.

People ask me when I started really loving movies. Honestly? It’s so essential to me that I don’t remember when it started, any more than I remember when I, myself, “started.” I remember being young watching “King Kong vs Godzilla” when I was sick and realizing for the first time that a movie had the power to make you feel something. To feel excited. To feel better.

I remember my first moment as a “critic,” watching “Casablanca” for the third time and realizing all at once that this movie was different. This one was shot like it meant it. This one made me feel something.

As for my inspirations, that’s a tough one. Everyone seems to be influenced by Roger Ebert these days, who was probably the best salesman of a critique who ever lived. But more people should be influenced by James Agee, who might not have been the better peddler but he sold the better goods. Just one of my opinions among many.

One thing that demands specific attention is the review score. On this site, films are scored on a scale from 0-4+ stars. The stars do not mean that I have cracked the universal code for a film’s quality. Not all 4 star films are made equal. The stars signify how well a film does what it sets out to do, within its genre, with the + reserved for special occasions when I’ve found something truly special. The score is first and foremost, my opinion. These reviews preserve the “I,” despite what college papers and journalism classes have to say about that.

I’m preserving the “I” because I put myself as a viewer first. I think of myself as a vicarious adventurer, not a judge. I want  a movie to take me somewhere, make me believe I’ve gone, and hold my hand through all the wonderment. I want to know who “I” am while it’s happening, and I want you to be there to tell me what you think, of what I think.

Thanks for visiting.

M.C. Myers